MiraBurst Attending the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo

Join MiraBurst at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston, October 15-18, 2016. Stop by exhibit booth 2713 to learn more about our MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets and sample their effects on sour and acidic foods.

Miracle berries are the only source of the glycoprotein Miraculin, one of the world’s only naturally-occurring taste modifiers. After consuming a miracle berry tablet, the sour taste of foods like citrus, yogurt, strawberries, and vinegars taste sweet—all without the addition of unhealthy sugars or artificial sweeteners. Miraculin has also been found to help chemotherapy patients mask metallic tastes that often accompany treatment and negatively impact the patients’ diets.

To learn more about the miraculous miracle berry and our miracle berry tablets, please stop by our booth at the FNCE or visit MiraBurst.com.

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