Introducing New MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets

Just in time for the new year, MiraBurstTM has released our new Miracle Berry Tablets! Our tablets offer the potent taste-altering abilities of our freshly-frozen miracle fruit berries in a convenient, non-perishable form. Now you can change the taste of sour and acidic foods to sweet anytime—when eating out at restaurants, going on vacation, or at work.

Benefits of MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets

MiraBurstTM Miracle Berry Tablets contain Miraculin, a glycoprotein which latches to taste buds, modifying your taste perceptions for up to 90 minutes. After eating a miracle berry tablet, sour and acidic foods will taste sweet without any sugars. Imagine: unsweetened lemon water, which offers the body a range of healthy benefits, tasting as sweet as lemonade. Superfoods like vinegars, citrus fruits and juices, and yogurt can now be enjoyed without compromising their integrity by adding fattening sugars. And these foods can be incorporated into your diet at any time, because our miracle fruit berry tablets can be easily carried with you. No refrigeration necessary!

Want to experience how our miracle berry tablets can help you lead a more healthy lifestyle? Visit our Shop page and order some today!

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