How to Avoid One of the Top 7 Chemotherapy-Related Problems

Recently, Andrea Goorah Sieminski wrote a very informative article in the Huffington Post, titled “7 Things to Know While You’re Undergoing Chemotherapy.” What was the first item of advice listed? Avoid eating any of your favorite foods while on chemotherapy. This is because chemotherapy treatments often cause dysgeusia, or a persistent, abnormal change in taste. This often results in what is referred to as “metal mouth” in which everything a chemotherapy patients eats tastes like metal. As Goorah Sieminski and countless patients report, the dysgeusia causes an aversion to favorite flavors, which can continue long after chemotherapy treatments end.

How to Mask Chemotherapy-Related Taste Disturbances

Unfortunately, many patients don’t know about MiraBurstTM berries, which have been found to mask chemo-related taste disturbances in over 50% of test subjects in clinical trials. MiraBurstTM berries, also known as miracle berries or miracle fruit, contain a taste-altering glycoprotein called Miraculin which naturally modifies taste receptors found on the tongue. For chemotherapy patients, the Miraculin helps mask the effects of metal mouth so they can continue to eat foods that provide the nutrition they need during their treatment. If you or anyone you know is experiencing chemotherapy-related taste disturbances, try one of the miracle fruit berry products from MiraBurstTM,Our miracle fruit berry products are all-natural and affect tastes for up to 90 minutes after consuming so you can enjoy healthy foods again during your treatment.


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