lemon water soothes sore throat

How Lemon Water Soothes a Sore Throat

Is lemon good for a sore throat? When throat lozenges and over-the-counter oral analgesics are no match for a sore throat, lemon water may be the weapon you never knew you needed. Lemon water is good for a sore throat because it produces moisture and stimulates the production of saliva, which coats the throat and brings it rapid relief. However, its lubrication ability isn’t the only reason. Here are a few more health-related reasons to choose lemon water.

a lemon submerged in water

Lemon Acidity Fights Colds

Lemon water for sore throat helps ease the pain by shrinking the swollen mucous tissue that a cold creates, which typically causes physical discomfort and makes it painful for you to swallow. The acidity found in lemon water also makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to thrive in your throat. In fact, it’s a great health benefit to regularly drink warm lemon water to prevent catching a cold in the first place.

Breaking Up Excess Mucus

The citric acid in lemon water reduces mucus in your throat by breaking it up. Lemon also combats high amounts of mucus in your body because it is an astringent, and fighting mucus is crucial when you have a cold and your body produces large amounts of it.

Hydration for Fighting a Sore Throat

The body needs plenty of water to properly function. Your body can be more successful at flushing out bacteria and viruses if you drink large quantities of water when a cold or infection makes your throat sore. Getting more hydrated by consuming lemon for sore throat relief can make your body less receptive to a cold’s virus strains while others around you are catching colds because they are dehydrated.

Lemon Water Strengthens Your Immune System

Ingesting antioxidants and vitamin C into your body boosts your immune system, which can help keep you from developing a cold and make you recover in less time if you catch one. Since lemon water is a great source of lemon juice, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, try consuming many glasses of lemon for a sore throat when you feel the first indication of pain. Remember that vitamin C is one of the best nutrients to load up on when you want to avoid catching a cold because it heightens your natural body defenses.

Additional Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon water is also a healthier alternative to drinks that are chock-full of sugar, such as energy drinks, sweetened water, sports drinks, soda, and juice. These sugar-filled drinks can lead to health issues such as cavities, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and weight gain.

Choosing lemon water instead can help you to reduce your sugar intake without having to sacrifice flavor. Plus, lemon water is good for sore throat because it can help with preventing kidney stones and may even improve digestion.

slices of lemon in water with bubbles

Turn Your Water into Lemonade without Added Sugar

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Our Miracle Berry tablets are not a sweetener, so you don’t add them to foods or drinks to make them sweet. Instead, you place a tablet on your tongue and let it fully dissolve and coat your tongue before drinking the beverage. Once it is dissolved, any sour or tart beverage, fruit, or food will taste sweet for up to one hour. Note that these tablets work only on sour or tart foods/drinks, which is why they are perfect to pair with lemons for sore throat relief.

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Taste and See How MiraBurst Can Make the Sour Turn Sweet Today

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