How does the MiraBurst miracle berry prevent a spike in blood sugar levels?

The MiraBurst miracle berry can help diabetics and pre-diabetics enjoy low sugar content or low-glycemic index fruits, foods, and drinks by turning them into deliciously sweet snacks and desserts without any added sugar or sweetener. These healthy whole fruits and other foods which are low in sugar and high in fiber (eg. unsweetened yogurt parfait) helps prevent blood sugar spikes after meals. In addition, sour or tart drinks like lemon water turn sweet with the help of MiraBurst and help cut down on sugary drinks. Among other benefits, lemon water helps prevent blood sugar spikes after meals. This is because lemon water contains a soluble fiber called pectin that helps slow the digestion of sugars and starches and thus helps prevent blood sugar spikes.


Watch this video to learn more about how MiraBurst can help prevent blood sugar spikes.

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