Have a Healthy Halloween with MiraBurst

Halloween is almost here! Although the holiday is traditionally celebrated with sugary candy and desserts imaginatively shaped into jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and other spooky figures, you can celebrate the holiday with healthy foods, without missing out on fun.

To have a nutritious Halloween snack, arrange a festive plate of cut vegetables and fruit into a skeleton, as shown in this Everyday Health article, and serve with a dip made of sour cream or yogurt and lemon juice. Some spices and herbs can give your dip an extra depth of flavor.

For a sweet treat, try Ghoulish Teeth Apple-tizers from Kudos Kitchen by Renee. These decorative “teeth” are made with apples, lemon juice, and almonds to create a fun Halloween-themed treat that kids and adults alike can appreciate.

Celebrate a Healthy Halloween with MiraBurstTM

MiraBurstTM Miracle Berry Tablets can make healthy Halloween foods taste their best. The naturally-occurring glycoprotein, named Miraculin, that is found within miracle fruit berries supercharges your taste buds so sour and acidic foods, like apples, lemons, sour cream, and yogurt taste sweet. Now you can celebrate the holiday with compromising your diet. To order miracle fruit berry tablets online, please visit our Shop page today!

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