Direct Selling Opportunities from MiraBurst Miracle Berries

Are you looking for entrepreneur, work from home, and direct selling opportunities? Join the MiraBurstTM Berries team! We are looking for motivated direct sellers to host our Miracle Fruit Berry Tablet Taste Tripping Parties. And unlike many direct sales or hosting party offers, there are no upfront costs to you. We provide you with samples of our products, marketing materials, and $25 to cover the costs of purchasing any of the sour and acidic foods and beverages that really demonstrate the incredible taste transforming abilities of our miracle berries. But first you may be asking…

What are Miracle Fruit Berries?

Miracle fruit berries are the only source of Miraculin, a glycoprotein that naturally alters taste receptors on the tongue, causing sour and acidic foods to taste sweet without the use of sugar or sugar substitutes. It’s unbelievable tasting a raw, fresh lemon slice after eating a miracle berry—the lemon tastes as sweet as candy! Miracle berries can also make cheap red wine taste like an expensive fine wine because Miraculin affects the acidity of the wine, giving it a rounder, fuller taste. To see a list of the foods and drinks that demonstrate the power of miracle fruit berries, please see our infographic below.

How to Host a Taste Tripping Party

Want to know more about becoming a party host, your potential commission and bonuses, and the support we’ll provide? Check out our Become a Taste Tripping Party Organizer page for more information. Also, you can visit our blog so you can see the different ways MiraBurstTM Miracle Berries Tablets can help you and your party guests live a healthier lifestyle by incorporating our miracle berry products into their daily diet. Have any questions or want to join? Contact Mike Naftaly at today!

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