Diabetic Diets and MiraBurst Miracle Fruit Berry Tablets

Diabetes.org recently published an article containing a list of Diabetes Superfoods. This list discussed the top ten foods that diabetics should incorporate into their diets to lead a healthy lifestyle and control their blood sugar levels. In the article, citrus fruits and yogurt were highlighted because of their low glycemic index and the vitamins, minerals, and fiber they can add to a diet. But how can diabetics offset the sour and acidic tastes of citrus fruits and yogurt without the use of sugar? The answer: using the MiraBurstTM berry!

Transforming Sour and Acidic Flavors Naturally

The MiraBurstTM berry has a native habitat in West Africa. People there have used the berry to alter the taste of sour and acidic food without sugar or sweenteners for millenia. The taste-altering power of the berry is possible because the pulp of miracle berries contains the glycoprotein named Miraculin. Miraculin latches onto taste receptors on the tongue when a miracle berry is chewed. When sour and acidic foods are consumed after chewing on a MiraBurstTM miracle fruit tablet, their flavors are naturally sweetened.

Diabetics can take advantage of the MiraBurstTM berry tablet’s ability to sweeten the taste of sour and acidic items in their meal plans to compensate for their diet’s limited use of sugar. Diabetic superfoods like limes or lemons used in salad dressings and marinades will lose their harsh sourness and will taste sweet and smooth. To gratify sweet cravings without resorting to eating sugar-laden candies, baked goods, or desserts, the MiraBurstTM berry tablet can modify the tastes of sour and acidic fruits like apples and strawberries so they taste candy-sweet.

Ordering Your MiraBurstTM Miracle Berry Tablets

If you are a diabetic and would like to discover how MiraBurstTM miracle berry tablets can aid you in sticking to your nutritional regime for your lifetime without feeling denied of flavors, order our miracle berry tablets today!

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