A Berry Interesting Conspiracy Theory

Throughout history, we’ve heard many conspiracy theories from outlandish to credible. But the one involving the miracle berry and the FDA may not have made it across your radar. In fact, a berry conspiracy sounds rather dull, unless, of course, it has kept many people away from a natural sweetener that could reduce our dependency on processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.

A Few Decades Ago….

In order to understand the conspiracy a little better, we have to go back to the 1970s and a company named GD Searle. This was the company responsible for pushing a certain artificial sweetener called aspartame through the Food and Drug Administration.

At the same time, an entrepreneur named Robert Harvey was experimenting with bringing a small berry to market as a natural sweetener. His market studies were showing incredible aptitude for the berry to become a strong contender in the sweetener market. In fact, his primary intention was to market miracle berry extract to diabetics. At the time, the FDA was on board.

Excitement Over a Little Berry

Harvey had a number of large investors lined up who saw the potential of the miracle berry and saw even bigger applications for it. The company Miralin was formed. A market study was done with miracle berry popsicles and school children. The result was that the children liked the miracle berry popsicles better than the ones made with sugar. Not only was there a market for diabetics, but there was one that could revolutionize the entire food industry.

Spying and Breaking and Entering

As word got out, it seemed some parties became concerned. Harvey was followed home by a car and another car was found driving by Miralin headquarters taking photos. One day, Harvey found the company’s office ransacked with the file marked “FDA” conspicuously left open on the floor. Suddenly, the FDA did an about-face, labeling the miracle berry as an additive that would require years of testing. The time and money required for this testing were simply not available. Miralin filed for bankruptcy.

We Don’t Know

Nobody knows what truly happened. Searle had very strong influence with the FDA and managed to insert an FDA commissioner as this was happening and aspartame was being approved. Did they see a threat? Did the sugar industry interject? We now know that the FDA commissioner that was inserted at this time was accused of accepting corporate bribes. Another thing we now know is that the berry was cut short from greatness. Until now.

Fast Forward

Today, the miracle berry still has the potential to shift health consciousness in a time when obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic proportions. The berry’s ability to change the way we experience sour and acidic foods and drinks is now being used by cancer patients and diabetics alike. Want to know more? Check out our website at / to find out more about this amazing miracle fruit.

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