5 Foods to Offer at a Miraburst Berry Tasting Party

One of the best ways to introduce your friends to the benefits of MiraBurstTM Berry Tablets and have fun at the same time is holding a Miracle Berry Tasting Party. MiraBurstTM berries, also known as miracle berries or miracle fruit, have the amazing ability to transform the taste of sour foods and drinks to sweet. Why? Because MiraBurstTM berries contain Miraculin, a taste-modifying glycoprotein used for centuries in West Africa.

The following are five food and drink ideas that you can offer separately or in combination to show your friends the true transformative power of the miracle berry.

1. Strawberries

MiraBurstTM Miracle Berries bring out the inherent sweetness of strawberries. At a tasting party, they can be served as-is in their natural form or with yogurt.

sting parties, you can offer lemons in wedges or slices or as a refreshing drink using cold plain water or seltzer water.

2. Grapefruit


Grapefruit are a great addition to a healthy diet, but their sour taste can discourage people from eating them regularly. When eaten after a miracle berry, however, they taste fantastically sweet. Grapefruit can be served to your guests as slices or as part of a plated salad with other fruits or vegetables.

3. Lemons


Lemons are well-known for their sour flavor. However, miracle berries can make pure lemon taste as sweet as lemonade. When setting your table for your tasting parties, you can offer lemons in wedges or slices or as a refreshing drink using cold plain water or seltzer water.

4. Mixed Drinks


Alcohols are often paired with citrus juices to create cocktails, but need sugar to offset their sour tastes. MiraBurstTM miracle berries allow you to drink your favorite mixed drinks without adding any sugar.

5. Marinated Vegetables


Vinegar is a wonderful, low calorie way to flavor vegetables, but its harsh flavor leads people to add sugar to any salad dressings or marinates they create themselves. To demonstrate the taste-altering properties of the miracle berry, you can serve vegetables simply marinated in vinegar and oil with some fresh or dried herbs at your tasting party. The miracle berry can sweeten the taste of vinegar naturally, so you can forego sugar to keep your vegetable as healthy as possible.


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