MiraBurst Miracle Berry: the world’s only superfruit that is the key to enjoying a low sugar lifestyle.

Experience the amazing, naturally-enhanced, clean, sweet taste of fruits, foods, and drinks without sugar or sweetener.

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A woman drinking a MiraBurst Miracle Berry smoothie in the kitchen

Introducing the Miracle Berry: Nature’s Most Delicious Taste Modifier

When the berry is consumed, the taste buds get activated and all sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks turn sweet without any added sugar or sweetener. It tricks the mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet. MiraBurst can also help manage sugar addiction, satisfy cravings for sugars and sweets, and help prevent blood sugar spikes.

Because the Miracle Berry is highly perishable, it is converted into powder and compressed into tablets. These Miracle Berry “tablets” dissolve instantly on your tongue, and work for up to an hour.

The best part? You can enjoy their benefits guilt-free: they contain no sugar, no additives, and no preservatives.


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How to Use

Frozen Berries:

Place 1 or 2 miracle berries on your tongue.
Slowly chew on the flesh of the fruit while avoiding the seed in the middle.
Enjoy your sour or tart food or drink immediately!

MiraBurst Tablets:

Remove MiraBurst from the blister pack and place it on the tongue.
Let it completely dissolve on the tongue. Do not chew the tablet.
Enjoy your sour or tart food or drink immediately!

What to Eat and Drink with MiraBurst

A Miracle Berry strawberry smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

A green smoothie with Miracle Berries

Green Smoothie with Berries

A bowl of berry fruit salad

Fruit Salad

Miracle Berry fruit parfait

Yogurt Parfait

Miracle Berry lemon water

Lemon Water

Why Use Our Taste-Modifying Berry Instead of Sweetener?

MiraBurst is the only taste-modifying berry in the world that gives a naturally-enhanced, clean, sweet taste to any sour or tart fruit, food or drink.

MiraBurst is a superfruit that contains antioxidants, and it is gluten and allergen-free

MiraBurst contains zero calories and does not change the natural composition of the food or drink.

MiraBurst has no aftertaste (unlike most non-caloric natural sweeteners, like stevia or monk fruit).

MiraBurst has no long-term potential health issues, unlike artificial sweeteners.

The Benefits of MiraBurst

Our game-changing, natural taste modifier, the Miracle Berry, is the key to enjoying a low sugar eating lifestyle. Excellent for diabetics, prediabetics, those living a keto lifestyle, weight-conscious consumers, as well as “mocktail” and cocktail lovers.:

MiraBurst turns healthy, low-carb/low-sugar, and high-fiber foods and fruits into deliciously sweet snacks and desserts without any added sweetener or sugar.

MiraBurst is a superfruit that helps you to satisfy your cravings for sugar and sweets in a natural and healthy way.

This means everyone including diabetics and pre-diabetics can use MiraBurst as their go-to product for enjoying low-sugar fruits, foods, and drinks. Just consume one berry or allow one tablet to dissolve on your tongue before you enjoy your sour or tart fruit, food or drink.

The MiraBurst taste modifier can help elevate the taste of any cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to the highest level of satisfaction possible without any added sugar, or sweeteners, or syrups.

Create a tasty sugar-free lemonade by pairing MiraBurst with lemon water or apple cider vinegar in lemon water. This drink can help hydrate your body and also help prevent blood sugar spikes after meals.

MiraBurst is a superfruit that is rich in antioxidants and essential plant nutrients that help with managing blood sugar.


What People Are Saying

Yogurt Parfait is my new favorite snack!

I was always told to eat Greek yogurt more because it’s healthy but it tastes so plain. So, I added some berries —- Now that I use the tablets, the yogurt literally tastes as sweet as ice cream, and the berries added are a sweet topping. I hardly eat ice cream now because of the yogurt parfait.

Katherine M

My low-carb berries taste amazing!!

I was never a big fruit person. I only ate once in a while if there was nothing left to eat, or I’d use them for a recipe. Now, with these tablets, the fruit tastes good! My new favorite fruits are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It tastes so sweet, and now, I actually crave fruit more often! I definitely recommend it to anyone that needs more fruit in their diet.

Mark S

I can finally enjoy Apple Cider Vinegar in Lemon Water!

I used to dread drinking my morning lemon water + apple cider vinegar. Thanks to these Miracle Berry tablets, I start off my day with a sweet treat, which makes me very happy!

Annabella B

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