MiraBurst Freeze-Dried Miracle Fruit Berries


This item will be released October 31, 2023.

Our MiraBurst miracle berries are superfruits that temporarily trick the mind to perceive sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks as sweet without any added sugar or sweetener. MiraBurst miracle berries are the only fruits in the world that can function as a taste modifier and provide a naturally clean, sweet taste to sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks without any added sugar or sweetener!

Just chew on the freeze-dried miracle fruit while avoiding the seed in the middle. Enjoy before eating or drinking your sour or tart food or beverage and watch as it turns foods and drinks such as strawberries, green smoothies with berries, sugar-free cocktails, and unsweetened yogurt parfait deliciously sweet


Use MiraBurst Miracle Berries to Enjoy A Low-Sugar Eating Lifestyle

As a natural sugar alternative, the miracle berry is an excellent solution for enjoying a naturally-modified, clean, sweet taste of sour or tart foods, fruits, and drinks without any added sugar or sweetener. Buy the miracle berry to see for yourself today!


The miracle berry is categorized as a natural taste modifier which is the best solution for enjoying low-sugar foods and beverages. Anyone who is trying to enjoy a low-sugar eating lifestyle, whether a child or an adult, can benefit from MiraBurst. This can include diabetics, pre-diabetics, health-conscious people, weight loss consumers, keto dieters, and more!


MiraBurst Miracle Berries have been freeze-dried after harvesting to ensure the highest quality of the miracle berry. Miracle berries are perishable so it is important to place them into a cool, dry place after delivery to maintain freshness.


1 Place the miracle berries in a cool, dry place as soon as you receive them! The berries are perishable so they will lose their taste-modifying effects if exposed to heat.
2 When ready to consume, place 1 or 2 MiraBurst miracle berries on your tongue.
3 Slowly chew on the flesh of the fruit while avoiding the seed in the middle.
4 Enjoy your sour or tart food, fruit, or drink immediately!

With the help of MiraBurst freeze-dried miracle fruit, you can finally enjoy a low-sugar eating lifestyle once and for all. Order now!

Video Testimonials

Check out these videos to see how people use the MiraBurst miracle berry!



1. What do miracle berries taste like?

Freeze-Dried Miracle Berries have a clean, sweet taste. MiraBurst’s freeze-dried miracle fruit has no preservatives or additives and are harvested from Ghana so you can consume them at home.


2. How do miracle berries help with weight loss?

MiraBurst miracle berries may help you more easily lose weight by replacing sugary foods that lead to weight gain with low sugar foods, fruits, and drinks, like low sugar berries, yogurt smoothies, and even lemon water (it will taste like lemonade!). Other tart or sour foods that pair well with these miracle berries include grapefruits and fruit salads with low sugar berries.

MiraBurst’s miracle berries can help you feel empowered to find low-sugar alternatives that bring you joy and satisfy your sugar cravings. The freeze-dried miracle fruit can help you finally achieve health goals that were previously difficult to accomplish due to your sweet tooth.


3. Why shouldn’t I eat the seed in the middle of the miracle berry?

The seed should be discarded, as it can’t be consumed. Eating a miracle berry seed won’t make you sick, but the seed has an extremely bitter taste.


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