Miracle Berry for Chemotherapy Patients

If you’ve undergone chemotherapy for any length of time, you’ve likely experienced a metallic taste when consuming what used to be your favorite foods. Unfortunately, this can make eating unenjoyable. Fortunately, our MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets are proven to temporarily mask chemotherapy-associated metallic taste so that you can finally enjoy foods and drinks again. These 100% natural tablets essentially trick your brain into thinking that sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks taste sweet.   Here’s a rundown on the top foods that taste good during chemo and how our tablets can help you to add more foods to your list.

Foods That Taste Good During Chemo

The best-tasting foods to chemotherapy patients include the following:

  • Smoothies
  • Shakes
  • Crackers
  • Toast
  • Soft foods, like applesauce or yogurt

However, in addition to diving into the above-listed foods that taste good during chemo, consider incorporating our Miracle Berry tablets into your daily diet. These tablets, which are made from West African miracle berries, will disguise your metal taste so that you can more easily resume nutritious eating. Our miracle fruit tablets for cancer patients are packed with micronutrients, amino acids, minerals, vitamins (E, A, and C), and polyphenols (phenolics and flavonoids). This means that these tablets do more than simply enhance your taste buds’ perception to help you to overcome “metal mouth.” They also provide you with the invaluable health protective and antioxidant properties you need to protect your cellular health.

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At MiraBurst, we are honored to help to make your chemotherapy journey easier by bringing a touch of sweetness back to your mealtimes. Our MiraBurst tablets pair excellently with a wide variety of drinks as well as fruits and other foods. For instance, enjoy them with fruit salads, green smoothies with berries, fruit smoothies, and unsweetened yogurt parfaits.  and even the occasional cocktail. Our tablets have the same natural composition as the Miracle Berry itself. It contains no preservatives and is allergen-free. You can be confident that they will keep you on track to maintaining a healthy life both now and in the future. Start boosting your immunity, keeping your weight healthy, and enjoying mealtimes again with the help of our MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets today.

Chemotherapy associated metallic taste affecting your eating?

Disguise That Metallic Taste & Get Back to Eating Normally!

Health Benefits of MiraBurst

Packed with polyphenols (flavonoids, 12 active phenolics), Vitamins C, A, E, minerals, essential amino acids and micronutrients, the miracle berry has been proven to deliver the antioxidant and health protective properties that chemotherapy patients depend on to protect cellular health. Used in medicinal treatments for centuries, the miracle fruit not only affects the perception of an individual’s taste buds, it aids in weight loss and boosts immunity.

Nutritional Benefits for those undergoing Chemotherapy

Reported to temporarily mask the metallic taste often caused by chemotherapy treatments, miraculin — a compound found in the miracle fruit — helps patients temporarily mask chemotherapy associated metallic taste and help patients enjoy normal taste of food. Packed with vitamins C, A, and E and containing a natural source of amino acids, minerals and micronutrients, miracle berries provide a much-needed nutritional boost.

To view clinical research regarding the use of miracle berry products, please click here.

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