Become an Independent Wholesaler or Retail Distributor

How to become an Independent Distributor

(Wholesale or Retail Distributor)

Becoming an independent distributor is simple as far as you meet our criteria as an independent wholesale or retail distributor. Click here to see the criteria and you are willing to purchase a minimum inventory of 500 blister packs of our Taste Enhancing Tablets at once. Please note: If you are not ready to purchase this initial minimum inventory to become a distributor, you can start as an affiliate partner and get 30% of net sales and then later switch to become a distributor.

Here is how the program works:

  • You place an order for a minimum inventory of 500 blister packs of our Taste Enhancing Tablets.
  • The wholesale purchase prices are as follows;
  • We will provide marketing support including brochures.

500 blister packs of the tablet —- $0.85 per tablet or $8.50 per pack.

You can select any combinations of 10, 20 or 30 SKU’s in a box.

Larger volumes of over 2,000 blister packs of the Taste Enhancing Tablets will require special pricing.

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