Shipping, Delivery, and Ordering Information

Freight Forwarding Service

EFBS SEAFRIGO-AIRFRIGO is an independent family group, which started in 1976, from the wish of a complete control of the cold chain all along the production and the delivery of the food products. They specialize in shipping perishable cargoes coming from New York airports to worldwide destinations and vice-versa. They provide a unique expertise at all logistics levels and a complete internal mastering of regulatory constraints and customs clearance, which are so specific to food products. The map below shows SEAFRIGO’s global presence. For more information, click here to visit

Logistics Provider

MB Group USA has selected eGourmet Solutions, Inc. for its order fulfillment. This company has been in operation since 2007 specializing in the fulfillment of temperature –sensitive products such as refrigerated and frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. eGourmet Solutions is now one of the leading refrigerated and perishable fulfillment facilities in the United States. They are committed to helping us ship your products faster, cheaper and more accurately. Leveraging their cutting-edge technology, years of experience and their dedication to the best customer service possible, we are devoted to exceeding your expectations.

Order Fulfillment by The Great Gourmet Company (TGGC)

Once an order is placed on, it is automatically routed to eGourmet’s fulfillment center. The frozen MiraBurst berries are then pulled from a temperature-controlled freezer (between -5 F degrees and -10 F degrees), packed, labeled and shipped to you on the next available shipment day (usually from Monday to Wednesdays) so the berries arrived to their destination latest by Friday, still frozen.

Due to the delicate nature of frozen Miraburst berries, they are packaged in an insulated shock resistant self-sealing envelope with an FDA Nutrition Facts label on the front. Each order is hand-packed by the experts at eGourmet with a double-sided instruction and infographic laminated card and placed in an EPS insulated box with enough dry ice to keep the berries frozen throughout the shipping process. A dry ice precaution label is affixed to the box; it is shrink-wrapped and picked up by FedEx for shipment.

FedEx Shipping

Nationwide Shipping

eGourmet Solutions Inc. will ship your order via FedEx, anywhere in the USA. Please check this page regularly for new shipping areas.

Orders are shipped from eGourmet’s temperature controlled warehouse directly to your doorstep to ensure that MiraBurst™ berries will arrive frozen and in excellent condition.

International Shipping
International shipping is currently not available from MiraBurst™. We will ship to all countries around the world in the very near future.

Shipping Notifications

To monitor your order, you will receive shipping and delivery confirmation emails with the track order link. eGourmet Solutions, Inc. provides MiraBurst™ and their own customers shipping notifications through FedEx.

Shipping Costs

Frozen MiraBurst berries must not stay in transit for more than 48 hours. eGourmet automatically selects the best and fastest shipping method with the lowest cost for you based on your location and the product’s weight and requirements through FedEx.

Dear Valued Customer: To preserve the MiraBurst berry’s inherent efficacy at its maximum, our MiraBurst™ berries must remain frozen from “farm to fork”. Therefore, the shipping and handling cost is slightly higher than other products of equal weight.

Be assured that we are consistently striving to find innovative ways to decrease the shipping and handling costs without compromising the MiraBurst™ frozen miracle berries’ unique and beneficial taste altering effect.

Thank you.

The MiraBurst™ Team.

Upon Arrival of Your Order

IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive your frozen miracle berries in optimal condition (preserving the maximum efficacy), you or someone you trust must be available at the shipping address provided on the day of delivery to immediately unpack the miracle berries and place them in the freezer.

But BEFORE unpacking the miracle berries from the insulated box, please follow the dry ice label precautions. Allow any remaining dry ice to evaporate.

Please help us minimize our environmental footprint by recycling or reusing the box – we appreciate it! Refer to the Instructions card enclosed with your order.

Enjoy the taste transformation!

MiraBurst™ Product Order Policies

MiraBurst™ processes orders 7 days a week. Then, ships the products Monday to Wednesday by FedEx second day ground or FedEx second day air depending on your location, to ensure that your order arrives on the requested date, frozen.

Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing of all products. Expected average delivery turnaround time is 7-10 business days from the date you placed your order.

Back Ordered Product

On rare occasions, an item may run out of stock. This may cause a slight delay of shipment for your order. If an item you ordered is going to be back-ordered for an extended period of time, we will notify you via e-mail of this delay. Then, we will automatically ship the product to you as soon as it is available.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact customer service at (516) 597 5259 or email us at