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30 pack MiraBurst® Taste Enhancing Tablets

30 pack MiraBurst® Taste Enhancing Tablets


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Our taste enhancing miracle berry tablets temporarily make sour or tart fruits, food, and drinks taste sweet for up to 60 minutes without any added sugar or sweetener at all. Once the tablet has dissolved and fully coated your tongue, your tongue’s sweet receptors will be supercharged instead of your sour receptors, and all sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks will be perceived as sweet tasting immediately after use and for up to 60 minutes after that.

  • It is produced from the all-natural, NON- GMO miracle berry 
  • The tablet is made from 100% PURE  miracle berry powder
  • There are NO additives or preservatives 
  • Pairs well with several diabetic superfoods recommended by the American Diabetes Association
  • Pairs well with immune-boosting foods and drinks that contain vitamin C such as lemons and oranges
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MiraBurst® Taste Enhancing Tablets

The MiraBurst miracle berry (also referred to as the miracle fruit or Synsepalum dulcificum) is a superfruit that temporarily alters your taste buds to sweeten and enhance the taste of sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks without any added sugar or sweetener.

The pulp of the MiraBurst miracle berry contains an active substance (a glycoprotein) called miraculin. Once eaten, miraculin coats your tongue and super activates your sweet receptors so any sour or tart fruit, food or drink will be perceived as sweet. It just tricks your mind into thinking that there is sugar in your fruit, food, or drink. Therefore, it helps satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings for sugar and sweets.

MiraBurst Miracle Berry tablets temporarily change the taste of sour or tart fruits, foods and drinks to sweet tasting without any added sugar or sweetener. For example, lemon water can taste like lemonade with the miracle berry since lemons are very sour. Fruits like strawberries, pineapples as well as fruit smoothies or green smoothie with fruits will become sweet and delicious to enjoy. In addition to its taste enhancing properties, the berry itself is regarded as a superfruit so it is healthy for consumption. It is high in antioxidants and other phytonutrients which are essential for healthy living.


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