Sour cream is one of the most versatile sour and acidic foods that can have its tastes transformed by MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets. From the simple dips found on many American party tables to elegant appetizers, like blinis and caviar, and classic main dishes, like Beef Stroganoff, sour cream has a wide range of uses in the culinary world. But what gives sour cream its distinctive tangy taste?

The Sourness in Sour Cream Explained

The sourness in sour cream owes its existence to the fermentation that results when lactic acid bacteria develops in or is added to cream. Now, don’t let the idea of “bacteria” scare you! There are a lot of healthy ways that bacteria has been used to ferment and transform foods since people stopped being simple hunters and gatherers and started tinkering with their food ingredients. You probably have a lot of bacteria-enriched foods in your kitchen right now, like beer, breads, pickles, and cheeses, just to name a few.

Traditionally, the fermentation process needed to make sour cream occurred naturally. The cream that rose to the top of milk was skimmed off and allowed to ferment by standing at a moderate temperature. During the standing phase, the cream’s lactic acid cultures got to work, thickening the cream and souring its taste. Today, the process of making commercially-produced sour cream involves adding acids and thickeners to cream to produce a more consistent and thicker product than the sour cream made naturally.

Flavor Tripping with Sour Cream

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, sour cream is a popular choice for people to use when they want to flavor trip with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets. Our miracle berry products contain a potent level of Miraculin, the glycoprotein that “tricks” the tongue into perceiving sour and acidic tastes as sweet. After allowing a MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablet to dissolve in their mouths, people are amazed at the taste transformation that occurs when they sample sour cream and other acidic foods like lemons, strawberries, and vinegars. Order miracle berry tablets today and Taste the Sweet Sensation!