Chemotherapy Inflammation Timing

Recent research suggests that the time of day patients are administered chemotherapy drugs can affect the complications of inflammation throughout the body stemming from the treatment. Managing inflammation is an important step in ensuring patients avoid many side effects of the therapy, like long-term changes in mood and short-term memory loss, after their chemotherapy treatment is completed.

The study by Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center found that administering chemotherapy drugs to mice during certain times of their circadian rhythms minimized the drugs causing inflammation in the brain, which in turn lessened the potential for neurological side effects. However, the study also found that inflammation occurring in the brain is out of sync with its occurrence in other major organs, such as the spleen which provides important immune system functions necessary in fighting cancer.

Understanding Cancer Chronotherapy

The study aimed to expand researchers’ understanding of cancer chronotherapy, i.e., scheduling chemotherapy treatments around the body’s daily circadian rhythms to make the treatments most effective while lower the potential for side effects.

In the research, mice were injected with two different types of chemotherapy drugs at different times of their daily cycle. The mice who were administered the drugs during their active hours had higher incidence of inflammation in their spleen but lower inflammation in their brains. Conversely, mice injected with the drugs during their inactive hours experienced more inflammation in the brain but less in the spleen.

The findings of the study cannot be used to predict the best time of the day for chemotherapy drugs to be administered, but suggests that cancer chronotherapy needs to be explored further. More research can help understand why the brain and spleen react differently to chemotherapy drugs and if there is a time during the day that both would respond positively to treatment, minimizing the risks of side effects.

Minimizing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy Treatments

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