Sticking to a low-glycemic diet can be challenging if you don’t know which foods to eat. Learn more here about your best food choices and how miracle berries can help.

Video Transcript

Following a low-glycemic diet can help to keep your blood glucose levels in check. Here are some tips for choosing the right foods.

Opt for fibrous foods with low glycemic index rankings such as legumes, peas and lentils. Foods high in fiber take longer to digest and will keep you feeling fuller for longer periods.

MiraBurst miracle tablets can also help you follow a low-glycemic diet. By temporarily modifying your taste preceptors, these berry tablets can help make healthy fruits that are sour or acidic taste sweet!

It's also OK to eat high GI foods sometimes, just make sure to pair them with low GI foods and monitor how much of these you eat per day.

Thanks for watching - happy low-glycemic eating!