Surveys have found that only 50% of men and women are happy with their current weight. Those dissatisfied want to reach an optimal weight for a number of reasons. Losing excess weight can go a long way in reducing the risks of a number of serious health conditions, including heart disease, certain cancers, and Type 2 diabetes. Being a lower weight can also make people more active and enjoy life more. And of course, there are aesthetics reasons, like wanting to look better in trendy fashion styles or swimsuits.

Since there are so many benefits to shedding extra pounds, it would seem obvious that the best course of action is to jump right into a new diet and lose weight as quickly as possible, right? Not true, according to recent research.

Slow Weight Loss Equals Greater Chance of Success

Researchers at Drexel University have revealed that people who aim to drop pounds slowly will be more successful long-term than people who adopt aggressive weight loss strategies, though it may appear the opposite in the beginning of any new slimming effort. Dieters who follow a lose-weight-quick crash diet will generally reduce their weight more in the first few weeks of dieting. However, these people often backtrack on their weight loss successes, losing multiple pounds one week and then staying the same, or even gaining weight, the next week or two.

Conversely, people who lose about one pound per week will lose more weight over a two-year period than dieters who try to attain higher pounds-per-week weight loss goals. Dieters who took the slow-and-steady approach were also found to retain more muscle during their weight loss efforts.

Experts have found one drawback to the slower weight-reducing approach, however: people can get discouraged when they don’t notice significant changes in their body shape as time goes on. One way to combat this is to reward yourself when you reach short-term goals, like splurging on something whenever you attain a 10-pound weight loss.

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