Is red wine good for you

Red wine when consumed in moderation can add a lot of benefits to your health. Below we discuss the wide range of positives you can gain by drinking it and how much and when is the best for gaining the most advantages.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Red wine hardens your teeth’s enamel which halts tooth decay and bacteria growth. The polyphenols in red wine can also help avoid gum inflammation.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

The resveratrol in red wine can help rid the levels of saturated fat that can accumulate in arteries. Additionally, the flavonoids and saponins in red wine protect against heart diseases.

Preventing Colds

Although colds are not a major health crisis, they are enough to cause some discomfort and should be avoided. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that people who regularly drink red wine caught 44% fewer colds that people who did not.

Getting Better Sleep

Tossing and turning throughout the night and awaking up fatigued? The melatonin in red wine improves a person’s ability to get a good night sleep, another good reason to drink it in moderation.

Reducing Diabetes and Cancer Risks

The antioxidants within red wine can help prevent Type 2 diabetes and lower the risk of breast cancer in women. Additionally, the quercetin in red wine has also been linked to reducing lung cancer.

When and How Much Red Wine to Drink?

In a two-year long study, researchers found that it is key to drink red wine in moderation and limit your daily consumption to one glass. Additionally, it was discovered that it is best to drink the glass of red wine when you eat your largest meal of the day. This is because red wine affects blood sugar levels. The post-meal spike in blood sugar after meals is one of the greatest contributors of inflammation which can lead to diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and arthritis.

MiraBurst Improves the Taste of Red Wine

One drawback of drinking red wine daily is its cost. If you don’t have a high budget to spend, purchase a cheaper brand of red wine and improve its taste with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets. These tablets contain the taste-modifying glycoprotein Miraculin, which interacts with the sour-tasting tannins in red wine, causing them to taste sweet. Simply pop a miracle berry tablet in your mouth and let it dissolve on your tongue—then any sour foods like red wine, citrus fruit, berries, apples, yogurt, and vinegar will taste sweet for up to 90 minutes.