Orange Yogurt Parfait Miracle Berries

Cool off this summer with this Orange Yogurt Parfait! Oranges are famously a great source of vitamin C, but also provide a number of other health benefits. And yogurt helps digestion while improving your health in other ways.

The Surprising Benefits of Oranges

As a member of the citrus group of fruits, oranges contain phytonutrient compounds called citrus flavanones, which have been found to protect the cardiovascular system. These flavanones are located in their highest concentrations in the peels of oranges, so this recipe includes using grating orange peel to boost its nutritional value. The phenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber within the pulp of oranges:

  • Help lower cholesterol
  • Protect against cancer
  • Lower the risk of disease, infection, and inflammation
  • Help digestion
  • Protect the skin and alkalize the body

Eat More Yogurt to Improve Your Health

Yogurt is packed with nutrients like calcium, vitamins B-2 and B-12, potassium, and magnesium, which help strengthen bones, reduces high blood pressure, and aid weight loss. Additionally, yogurt contains two important probiotics, lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, that aid digestion.

How to Make Orange Yogurt Parfait

Makes 4 servings


½ teaspoon grated orange rind

14 oz plain yogurt

2 cups orange sections


In a medium mixing bowl, combine the orange rind and yogurt until well-blended.

Alternate adding the yogurt and orange sections to four serving glasses, ending with placing two orange segments on top of each parfait.

Traditionally, parfaits like this one use sugar to sweeten the tastes of the yogurt and fruits, but adding sugar compromises the recipe’s nutritional value, so we omitted it. Instead of using sweeteners, you can naturally sweeten the tastes of sour and acidic foods with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets. These tablets contain Miraculin, a powerful taste modifier. Simply allow a tablet to dissolve on your tongue and the Miraculin will transform the taste of any sour and acidic foods or drinks for up to 90 minutes. Order your miracle berry tablets today.