Are you or someone you know experiencing chemotherapy-related “metal mouth” which is negatively affecting the ability to taste and the nutritional value of the chemo patient’s diet? Don’t despair! The miracle berry has been found to mask these taste disturbances so you can eat well again. Learn more in our above vlog.

Video Transcript

Thanks for joining us for another MiraBurst video blog.

The effects of "metal mouth" from chemotherapy can make eating difficult. But what if there was a miracle berry tablet that could help you or a loved one enjoy the taste of food again?

Well lo and behold, there is! In chemotherapy patients, the MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablets have been shown to temporarily mask the bitter taste associated with "metal mouth."

These fruit tablets that last for 90 minutes help to change the perception of foods that typically taste sour or acidic. For a sweet and welcomed flavor, add them to your food or drink without adding any extra sugar!

Try yours today and liven up meal time once again.