Improvements in Managing Diabetes

Recent assessments on the improvements of living with diabetes have identified that care management has had a greater impact than the new insulins available.

At the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2017, leading diabetes experts stressed that there is little difference in performance between specific choices in insulin formation. Therefore, choices in determining which insulin to use should be based on specific patient characteristics and their healthcare budgets.

In recent years, there has been a marked reduction in hemoglobin A1c levels and hypoglycemic episodes. However, even though new preparations of insulin molecules have been released for use, the advancements in care and new technologies, like continuous glucose monitoring, have led to the improvements.

Doctors are encouraged to customize their diabetes management care plans based on patients’ specific lifestyles and medical conditions. Some patients are better suited to different frequencies in daily insulin injections, have higher vulnerabilities to hypoglycemia, and/or have erratic eating practices.

Higher risks of hypoglycemia and erratic eating generally require insulin management strategies that are not required for patients with lower susceptibilities to hypoglycemia and structured diets.

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