Valentine's Day Flavor Tripping with Miracle Berries

Rather than go with the traditional route of sipping wine over a candlelight dinner at a cozy restaurant, spice things up this year and host your very own taste-tripping party on Valentine's Day. Whether you are putting on a lavish dinner party for couples or hosting a singles soiree on the day celebrating all things cupid, delight your guests with the exciting adventures of MiraBurst miracle berry tablets!

Here is what you should know for hosting the ultimate taste-tripping Valentine's Day event:

1. Prepare the Menu
Planning the perfect menu is key for any great dinner party, but even more so when you're hosting a culinary adventure-inspired party with miracle fruit berries. To make the most out of the temporarily transformative power of these miracle tablets for your guests, you'll want to be sure your featured appetizers and main meal both include a variety of sour and acidic food. For appetizers, prepare spreads and dips with sour cream and cream cheese and serve pickles and a variety of cheeses.

Main dishes should include marinated vegetables, side dishes filled with apples and cranberries and main meals made with citrus fruits and sour or acidic marinades. For condiments and toppings, provide hot sauce, horseradish, sauerkraut and hot Chinese mustard on the table. These have been found to yield zesty and exciting results with miracle berry tablets.

2. Serve the Best Drinks
For beverages, cocktails that are made with citrus will be a big hit among your miracle berry-consuming guests. Drinks served or made with lemon, limes or grapefruit work perfectly. You can also incorporate sour and acidic fruits such as pineapple and kiwi. And don't forget the red wine: These MiraBurst easy melt tablets also amplify the rich flavors of any variety of red wines - inexpensive or pricey - so pour away!

3. Set the Scene
As with any successful party or gathering, the mood of the evening needs to be just right. If you'll be joined by mostly couples, consider a more romantic theme. Use deep red hues for your table settings and decorations, opt for candles instead of bright lights, and consider red wine for the main libation. For an event filled with mostly friends and singles, set a slightly more fun and energized atmosphere: Think hot pinks and whites for decor, set up interactive games, play lively music, and create an artisan-style cocktail as the feature beverage.

Celebrate the day of all things love, with a thrilling flavor-tripping party your guests will be talking about for years to come. Order MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets today to bring your unique Valentine’s Day party to life.