Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Summertime brings high temps, long days, and bushels and bushels of locally grown tomatoes. While enjoying this seasonal produce fresh, cooked, or baked, you might not realize that you’re eating one of nature’s most potent superfoods. Although tomatoes might seem small and simple, they provide a mega boost of benefits for your health. Below we discuss how tomatoes can make you feel better today and decrease your risk of illnesses and the effects of aging in the future.

Tomatoes Are Packed with Antioxidants

A rarity for any single food item, tomatoes contain a variety of four major carotenoids: alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene. Although any one of these carotenes provide health benefits when eaten on their own, their benefits are increased when eaten together. Research has found that carotenoids reduce the risk of certain cancers and eye diseases. Additionally, they improve cardiovascular health and minimize age-related effects on the skin.

Vitamins and Minerals Are Plentiful in Tomatoes

One medium-sized tomato can provide the body with almost 40% of the daily vitamin C recommended by the FDA. This single tomato is also high in vitamins A, E and K, potassium, and iron. All of these vitamins and minerals combine to help the body maintain nerve and blood health, fight cancer-causing free radicals, prevent early aging, and keep cells healthy. They also increase the body’s immune system to fight off common illnesses, like colds.

Tomatoes Aid Digestion

Because tomatoes are high in fiber, they can keep the digestive system regular and prevent constipation and diarrhea. The fiber in tomatoes helps the body flush out toxins and can reduce the risks of jaundice.

Diabetics Help Maintain Blood Sugar Levels with Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered a superfood by the American Diabetes Association. This classification is based on a food item’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels, provide high levels of nutrients, and boost overall health so diabetics can better manage their condition.

Tomatoes Prevent Heart Disease

Tomatoes are a big part of the Mediterranean diet, which has been found to be helpful in lowering the risk of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in the West. By affecting heart health, tomatoes can keep blood pressure at healthy levels, lower cholesterol, and improve blood circulation.

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