With the colder weather of autumn fast approaching, soon will be the time to cuddle up and get cozy with a cup of lemon tea. Nothing denotes relaxation as much as curling up with a good book and sipping a hot cup of lemon tea on a rainy fall day. Most people opt to drink tea with lemon because they like its taste, unaware of the numerous health benefits it provides. Below we list some of the ways you’ll improve your health when adding lemon tea regularly to your diet.

Relief from Cold and Flu

If you are suffering from cold weather’s most common ailments – cold and flu – lemon tea can offer you some comfort. Drinking three to four cups of tea infused with lemon a day will soothe your sore throat and thin the mucus in your sinuses. Adding a bit of fresh grated ginger to the tea and straining it out before drinking adds even more therapeutic benefits.

Improved Digestion

Lemon tea aids digestion because it helps flush toxins and waste products from your body. Additionally, the naturally-occurring acids in lemon juice help dissolve kidney stones and prevent against scurvy.

Better Insulin Management

To convert blood glucose to energy to fuel the body, the correct amount of insulin needs to be released into your blood stream. However, the over-abundance of sugar in modern diets and the onset of Type 2 diabetes can make it difficult for your body to respond properly in its insulin production. Drinking tea has been found to aid the body to produce the correct amount of insulin, helping to avoid health issues related to blood glucose levels.

Improved Mood and Energy Levels

Sipping a cozy cup of lemon tea might help you relax, but it also improves your mood in other ways. Since tea cleanses and detoxifies your blood, it increases your energy levels and improves mental clarity. Tea is also a great reliever of headaches, fatigue, and general weakness.

Prevent Cancer

Lemon tea has antioxidant properties because of the polyphenols found in tea and the vitamin C in lemons. These antioxidants fight against free radicals that can cause damage to healthy cells, leading to the growth of cancerous cells.

Increased Heart Health

Lemon tea is an all-natural protector against cardiovascular disease because it contains flavonoids. These flavonoids cut down on inflammation and reduce lipids in the blood, both of which can negatively affect the health of arteries, leading to serious health concerns.

Improves Weight Loss Efforts

Having problems losing weight because of sugar cravings? Lemon tea can help avoid these diet-sabotaging cravings. High blood glucose levels are often the cause of cravings, so lemon tea’s ability to regulate blood glucose cuts down on the likelihood that you’ll be motivated to eat something sweet. The ability of lemon tea to detoxify the body and help it function optimally also improves weight loss by increasing metabolism.

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