Kefir is becoming an increasingly popular beverage choice in the West among health-conscious people because of the wide range of benefits it provides. An all-natural, fermented milk-based drink, kefir has been used for hundreds of years in the Caucasus Mountains as a dietary staple and modern science is substantiating, through research, the effects on nutrition it delivers. Below we list some of the health benefits you might enjoy by adding this sour drink to your daily meal plan.

Kefir Is Packed with Nutrients

A single six-ounce (175 ml) serving of kefir provides a range of nutrients, including protein, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B12, riboflavin, magnesium, and vitamin D. It also offers bioactive compounds, peptides, and essential organic acids. This is particularly good news for people counting calories, because a single serving of kefir is only about 100 calories.

Kefir Is One of the Best Sources of Probiotics

Most people might get uneasy at the idea of consuming microorganisms, but microorganisms can include healthy yeasts and bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics have been found to prevent gastrointestinal diseases, increase weight modification efforts, and improve mood. If you want to enjoy these benefits, drink kefir, which contains more probiotics than yogurt.

Kefir Promotes Strong Bones

Worried about losing bone strength and density as you age? Increase the amount of kefir you consume! A serving of kefir not only includes 20% of the recommended daily amount of calcium but also contains vitamin K2, which helps the body metabolize calcium optimally. This helps reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

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