Flavor Trip with MiraBurst for Halloween

Throwing a Halloween party this year but are stumped about how to make it unique and memorable? Amaze your guests by flavor-tripping with MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets!

What Is Flavor-Tripping?

Flavor-tripping is the surprising experience of savoring flavors that have been transformed by a naturally-occurring taste modifier. The compounds that can produce this type of effect are rare in nature and are classified as anti-sweet substances, sweet proteins, and sweetness-inducing proteins by SensorySociety.org. Miraculin, the glycoprotein found in miracle berries, is a sweetness-inducing protein that transforms the taste of sour and acidic foods and drinks so they taste sweet.

How to Flavor-Trip?

Flavor-tripping is easy – simply allow a MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablet to dissolve on your tongue so your tongue is completely coated. After that, any sour foods and drinks you consume for up to 90 minutes will taste incredibly sweet. And because the Miraculin in miracle berries only effects sour and acidic foods, the taste of other foods you serve at your party should not be changed.

Flavor-Tripping Friendly Foods

Now that you know what flavor-tripping is, you might wonder what foods you can serve that would have their tastes transformed by miracle berry tablets and would fit in with the fun and daring atmosphere you would like to create at your Halloween bash. Below are a list flavor-tripping friendly foods that will provide an appropriate “trick” to match the spirit of the holiday.

Hot Sauce -- Your party guest will be amazed when they taste hot sauce after consuming a miracle berry tablet. The Miraculin in miracle berries affects the vinegar base of this fiery condiment, making it taste sweet and mellowing out its flavor.

Lemons – These famous pucker-inducing sour fruits are perfect for flavor-tripping. If they are eaten after consuming a miracle berry tablet, they will taste as sweet as lemon drop candy. People will also be amazed if they drink water simply infused with lemon juice because it will taste like lemonade.

Guinness Beer – People report that this famous beer tastes like a fuzzy chocolate milkshake when flavor-tripping.

Apples – The sour taste of fall’s most popular fruit will sweeten considerably when flavor-tripping and taste like it’s been dipped in sugar.

Berries – Berries are considered superfoods because of the high level of nutrients they can provide, but are often too sour to enjoy eating. Serve them as you are flavor-tripping, however, and they’ll taste like a handful of juicy candy.

Sugar-Free Cocktails – Blend up a variety of cocktails using unsweetened citrus or cranberry juices and enjoy their naturally sweetened flavor.

Sour Cream and Yogurt – These popular bases for dips, spreads, and dressings will taste sweeter when flavor-tripping.

Red Wine – Miracle berries affect the tannins in cheap red wine, causing it to have a rounder, more full flavor. So serve red wine alone or blended with citrus juices and water at your flavor-tripping Halloween party for an elegant, tasty beverage.