Lime Nutritional Benefits

Limes are known for their bright, refreshing taste and can be used in many ways to jazz up plain water, salads, salsas, marinades, cocktails, and more. But taste is not the only appeal of this simple citrus fruit. Categorized as Citrus Aurantifolia, the lime has been utilized for centuries for its medicinal qualities and health benefits. Packed with vitamin C and low in calories and fat, limes are also a dietary source of fiber, minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium, and polyphenols.

Below is a list of the health benefits you can attain when you add limes regularly to your diet. And don’t just include the interior flesh of the lime when making foods or drinks – lime peels and skins are also high in nutrients.

Better Skin

The antioxidants, vitamins, and flavonoids in limes can rejuvenate the skin and reduce the risks of skin infections when consumed internally. Lime juices and oils can also be applied externally to reduce body odor, slough off dead skin cells, halt dandruff, and treat rashes and bruises.

Improved Digestion

The fragrance of limes can help improve your digestion even before tasting the fruit. This is because the scent of the limes causes your mouth to water, increase saliva in your mouth which aids in digestion. The acidity of limes increases its digestive benefits, helping to break down the macro molecules of foods it is paired with.

Increased Weight Loss

Drinking a glass of room temperature lime water before meals acts as an appetite suppressant, causing you to eat less. Additionally, the citric acid in limes promote fat burning.

Manage Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association considers limes a superfood because of their effects on blood sugar levels. The fiber within limes slows the body’s absorption of sugar, reducing blood sugar spikes that can be dangerous for diabetics. Limes also have a low glycemic index, so they do not cause spikes in blood glucose levels.

Improved Heart Health

The high fiber in limes not only affects blood sugar levels, but also improves the operations of the whole circulatory system. Limes lower blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and cut down on blood vessel inflammation.

Relieve Arthritis

One of the main contributors of arthritis is excessive amounts of uric acid throughout the body. Under normal circumstances, uric acid is flush out of the body by urination, but build ups can occur, leading to pain and inflammation for arthritis sufferers. The natural citric acid contained in limes can act as a solvent, causing uric acid to dissolve and be more easily eliminated through urine.

Miracle Berries Can Improve the Taste of Limes Naturally

One issue with consuming limes regularly is their sharp, sour taste, which is often offset in dishes and drinks by adding sugar to their recipes. Unfortunately, sugar and artificial sweeteners diminish the healthy benefits people can gain from eating limes. A solution to this is using MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets to bring out the natural sweet flavors of limes, eliminating the need for added sugars.

Miracle berries contain the glycoprotein Miraculin, which has been used for centuries in its native West Africa to mask the tastes of sour and acidic foods so they taste sweet. To experience this transformation yourself, simply allow a MiraBurst tablet to melt on your tongue, coating it with Miraculin. Afterward, any sour and acidic foods, like limes, will taste sweet for up to 90 minutes. Order some today and gain all the benefits of nutritious sour foods while enjoying their tastes without sugar!