Meat increases diabetes riskAmerican Journal of Epidemiology from findings from the Singapore Chinese Health Study, which analyzed the diet of over 63,000 adults between the ages of 45-74 years old. The study’s participants were followed for an average of 11 years.

After analyzing the diets of participants, a positive correlation was found between the subjects that ate a higher-than-average amount of red meat and poultry and their subsequent development of Type 2 diabetes. When compared to study participants who ate little to no red meat or poultry, those who consumed the most red meat were 23% more likely to develop diabetes. And although white meat like chicken is often thought of as a healthy protein option compared to red meat, study participants who ate the most poultry were 15% more likely to develop diabetes.

The Potential Cause of the Increased Risk

As stated earlier, proteins like red meat and poultry contain low amounts of sugars, if any. So how can they increase the risk of diabetes? The researchers who conducted the study hypothesize that the high amount of heme iron found in red meat and poultry is the culprit. Because heme iron absorption cannot be managed by the body, the blood can have excess levels of it, leading to a number of health issues.

How to Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Researchers of the study do not think that it is necessary to remove red meat and poultry from your diet completely to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. However, it is advantageous to replace some of the red meat and poultry you are currently eating with protein alternatives. Whenever possible, choose fish or shellfish, dairy products, or plant-based protein options instead of red meat and poultry. Consuming these alternatives can allow the body to still get the protein it needs, but will not add excessive amounts of heme iron to the blood.

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