Coping with Diabetes Related Stress

Coping with the demands and treatment options of diabetes can cause significant stress for diabetics. However, this stress shouldn’t be compared with depression even though some of the feelings and physiological effects can be similar.

When considering the life changes diabetics experience once they are diagnosed with their conditions, some liken it having a new full-time job which impacts their lives significantly. This impact is especially severe for diabetics who are dependent on insulin.

Researchers who study the emotional effects caused by dealing with diabetes attribute the stress to the constant monitoring of the condition, on top of everyday responsibilities everyone shares. Checking blood sugar, taking medicines, and adjusting insulin doses become new daily responsibilities for diabetics and can lead to feelings of anxiety.

The stress related to diabetes can be exhibited in many forms. This include feelings of being overwhelmed, having a sense of powerlessness, and feeling helpless when blood sugar levels go up even when diabetics meticulously stick to their treatment plans. The constant monitoring of their condition can severely impact the quality of life for diabetics.

It is estimated that diabetes distress can affect around 30% of people with the condition at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the effects of the distress have not been well-studied, but are increasingly gaining recognition within the medical community. For the first time, the American Diabetes Association has included a part of its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes – 2017 guidelines on treatment to caring for diabetics suffering from distress, depression, and other psychological concerns.

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