The MiraBurst Miracle Berry

Also referred to as the miracle fruit, the miraculous berry, or the sweet berry, this special berry has an amazing power to transform the flavor of sour and acidic foods and make them taste sweet.

The powerful agent within MiraBurst miracle berries is Miraculin. This natural substance is found within the pulp of the miracle fruit and binds to the taste receptors on the tongue. When sour and acidic foods are consumed, the sweet taste receptors are activated or “supercharged” and therefore the food is perceived by the consumer as sweet. Its effect lasts up to 90 minutes.

Get Supercharged! Miraburst helps you feel Energetic! The miracle fruit fills your spirit and makes you love life even more.

Look younger, feel awesome, smile wider; Everything is sweeter with Miraburst.
Julie Swee

This product is so great! I bought these a while back and really liked them and had a great time with them. A few weeks ago I had been telling friends about them and decided to buy them for one friend’s birthday, along with a bunch of different fruits and food. We had a great…

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