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Awaken your taste buds and give your health a happy boost with the MiraBurst® Easy Melt Tablets. These miracle fruit tablets temporarily modify the perception of the taste of any sour and acidic food and drink into something delectably sweet for up to 90 minutes without adding any sugar to the food or drink.

In fact, sour and acidic foods and drinks like grapefruit, lemon, strawberry and even vinegar taste a lot better and sweeter than they usually do with the help of MiraBurst® Easy Melt Tablets. Aside from taking the taste of food up a notch, MiraBurst® has been subjected to rigorous clinical research that yielded positive results.

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So what exactly is a MiraBurst® Miracle Berry?

The all-natural MiraBurst® miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum), is also known as the miracle fruit, the miraculous berry, or the sweet berry. The berry is treasured for its extraordinary effect to the taste buds. The taste-modifying result is due to Miraculin, a glycoprotein. This natural substance is found within the pulp of the berry, which when eaten, binds to the taste receptors on the tongue. Sour and acidic foods consumed after eating the MiraBurst® Easy Melt Tablets will taste sweet. Its effect lasts up to 90 minutes.

Those Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you are a mom who wants to feed your family healthy but tasty food, a dieter who still desires to enjoy sweet but low calorie desserts, a diabetic or pre-diabetic seeking to satisfy your sweet tooth or craving for sweet food/desert, MiraBurst® miracle fruit tablets can greatly assist with your healthy eating plan and control of your blood sugar as well as with your weight management program.

Culinary Adventurers

Host a party like no other! Taste-tripping parties are easy and unique way of fun and entertainment. All you need are some MiraBurst® Miracle Berry Tablets for each guest, and let them sample an assortment of sour and acidic foods. Watch them gush in wonder as they have a blast in eating foods like lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, and more. MiraBurst miracle fruit tablets go especially well with special cocktails without adding sugar.

Chemotherapy Patients

The MiraBurst® Miracle Berry has been shown to be beneficial in temporarily masking metallic taste, known as “metal-mouth,” which is often associated with the side effects of chemotherapy. This allows patients to enjoy normal food again.

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Miracle Berries

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