Frequently Asked Questions About MiraBurst®, the Miracle Berry, and Miraculin

What is the MiraBurst Miracle Berry and what are the other names for it?

The MiraBurst® Miracle Berry (also called miracle fruit) is fruit berry originally from Ghana, West Africa. It contains a single seed with a layer of pulp around the seed. The pulp contains a glycoprotein called miraculin. After eating this fruit or tablets made from it, the miraculin binds to your taste buds and for up to 90 minutes, any acidic or sour tasting food will taste sweet. It also contains other substances including polyphenols (twelve of them, which help control diabetes) and flavonoids (which have anti-oxidant properties which help prevent skin cancer).

Other names for the MiraBurst® berry are miracle fruitsweet berry and synsepalum dulcificum.

What are the benefits of MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablets?

a. As a taste modifier — After eating MiraBurst® Easy Melt Tablets, the miraculin of the tablet binds to the taste buds of the tongue and for up to 90 minutes, all acidic and sour tasting fruits (lemon, lime, strawberry, oranges, apples, pineapples etc.) or acidic and sour tasting foods (vinegar, fermented milk etc.) subsequently eaten by the person turns sweet.

b. For chemotherapy patients – In addition to its main use as a taste modifier, the active substance in MiraBurst® products (miraculin) has been shown to be beneficial to chemotherapy patients by temporarily helping to mask the metallic taste associated with chemotherapy thus allowing them to enjoy normal food again.

c. Anti-oxidant properties — The pulp of the miracle berry has been found to contain flavonoids with anti-oxidant properties.

d. Active polyphenols — The pulp of the berry has also been found to contain twelve active polyphenols which are beneficial for a healthy living.

Can MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablets be used as a sweetener or sugar substitute in tea and other beverages?

NO. Miraculin is NOT a sugar substitute. In fact, the tablets do not taste sweet at all, and therefore by itself will not make beverages sweet. However, if the tea contains any sour or acidic tasting substance like tea with lemon or salad with vinegar/balsamic vinegar, then after eating the berry, the tea with lemon or salad with balsamic vinegar may taste even sweeter or more delicious.

Can the MiraBurst Miracle Berry be cultivated in the United States?

MiraBurst® Miracle Berries may be grown on a small scale in the Southern United States (e.g. Florida). However, due to several factors, it will not be economically feasible to cultivate it in large scale in the United States.

Soil analysis in Florida has shown that the soil may be too sandy for the berry to achieve optimum yield. Also, due to changing climatic conditions, MiraBurst berry trees usually have low yield. Finally, due to high labor costs in the Southern United States, the cost of production of the berries will be too high. The cultivation and harvesting of the berry is very labor intensive.

Miraburst LLC has the largest supply of MiraBurst berries in the world.

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Julie Swee

This product is so great! I bought these a while back and really liked them and had a great time with them. A few weeks ago I had been telling friends about them and decided to buy them for one friend’s birthday, along with a bunch of different fruits and food. We had a great…

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