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Business Opportunities

How to Join our Business Community

You can join our business community in one of the following THREE ways;

  • As an independent wholesale or retail distributor.
  • As an affiliate partner (join our affiliate program).
  • As a broker.

As an Independent Wholesale or Retail Distributor

This category includes:

  • Wholesale distributors.
  • All those that can sell directly to consumers on sight (owners of fresh or frozen fruit markets, restaurant and night club owners, cruise lines etc.
  • Online fruit sellers or any individual or business entity that wants to sell or distribute our easy melt tablets.

We can sell directly to these groups at wholesale prices after undergoing a short online training with us on how to market our MiraBurst Easy melt tablets.

We will provide online and in-store marketing materials at discount prices as well as help build e-commerce website at a very affordable price. Please click here to get details of our independent wholesale or retail distributor program and how to sign up for it.

As a Broker

This is the simplest way of joining our business community. You just sign up as a broker. We will review your information and get back to you ASAP. You will sign a simple agreement with us and you will be paid a negotiated commission on net sales (gross sales minus shipping and handling and sales taxes) every month based on the volume of sales generated by your distributors.

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