Dr Asare Picture

When Dr. Asare learned about the amazing powers of the MiraBurst berry, he knew that he had to help bring MiraBurst berry products to the United States. In July 2014, Miraburst® was born. Today, Miraburst® has made the world a “sweeter” place by becoming a company that bridges the fair trade farmers of the MiraBurst berry in Ghana with countless oncology patients, “foodies” and healthy lifestyle gurus throughout the world. The berries used in our products come from the largest consortium of farms in the world (exclusive for Miraburst®) and meet all food-related handling and inspection regulations from “farm to fork.”

Today, Miraburst® is comprised of an extensive team of individuals with expertise in operations, distribution, marketing, sales and customer service. In early 2014, Dr. Asare expanded his vision for the company by beginning to establish an advisory board comprised of chemists, oncologists, legal and business advisors, and food scientists with specializations in nutritional health and organic agriculture. Miraburst® is a subsidiary of MB Group USA, LLC.